Coreweave Object Storage#

In order to use Coreweave’s Object Storage, follow these instructions to create a token configuration file. The file should look like this:

access_key = <your_coreweave_access_key>
secret_key = <your_coreweave_secret_key>
# The region for the host_bucket and host_base must be the same.
host_base = # insead of lga1 it could also be ord1 or las1.
host_bucket = %(bucket)
check_ssl_certificate = True
check_ssl_hostname = True

Next take your access_key and secret_key from your token configuration file to create a an aws credentials file. It is standard to call it .aws/credentials, but not required. The credentials file should look like this:


Next create an empty config file (usually called .aws/config, but not required) that should look like this:


Next, create an environment variable for an S3 endpoint url using the host_base from your Coreweave token configuration file:

mcli create secret env S3_ENDPOINT_URL='' #  insead of lga1 it could also be ord1 or las1.

Next, follow the instructions here to set up an S3 secret using your newly created credentials and config files.